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Wholesale Insurance Companies work with Managing General Agents(ies), MGAs  and Program Administrators, PAs.  If you work for a Wholesale Insurance Company the chances are pretty good that you are asking yourself… “Why would we want to get listed where the Consumers and non-professionals would contact us?” The answer is. They will not be able to contact you through this site. Only listed and registered insurance professionals will be able to view your Company, MGAs and PAs. (Please keep in mind that during the development phase the site is wide open to all.. including the consumer.  This open access will not be so in the months ahead.)

When you list with WhoWritesWhat.com you can let the professional know how get appointed or how to contact one of your MGAs or PAs. One way you can do this is with adding your appointed or contracted MGAs and PAs as a “franchise listing” or sub-office listings, links, categories and tags.  Check out this DEMO listing with 10 MGAs and 10 PAs. Click here.

Besides being able to add as many of your branch locations as you wish,  you can also add appointed/contracted Agent offices such as MGAs and PAs!

You can test our site using the search bar below. Use the drop down menu to search Wholesale Insurance Company listings and type in the Keyword “Demo