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Chances are, you can spend several hours expanding your insurance markets in finding out “who writes what?” The developer of this site has 27 years of experience in Property & Casualty and Life & Health.

The challenges we have as Agents, Brokers or Agencies in finding “who writes what?” are many.

Time! It matters for all levels of experience. The less experienced are going to the more experienced to find out “Who writes what?” When the top producers are having the “time” sucked out of them to train the less experienced, the financial cost of training the less experienced, comes at a great price!  The Owner of the Agency is paying the New Hire and the money making Trained Producer to find markets in a time efficient manner.  Add the cost of lost production from the Trained Producer!  Think about!

How many times a day does this happen! And, 2. How much is it costing you?

Then, if they cannot find the answer or do not know “Who writes what?, “you the owner” are also involved in trying to find the answer.

We are not done yet, once you find the market, you need see what the requirements are to get appointed and find the correct contact underwriter, phone number, fax and email.  Wow! How much time did you spend doing this? What is the cost. Now, multiply that by a company with dozens or even hundreds of staff.  Stop the Bleeding. Registration is free. The price is great.  For companies with more than one office there are added discounts.  For Agencies with more than 100 offices contact us here.