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Consumers are free to view “only” retail listing.  The retail listing are the Insurance “Retail Agents, Brokers, Agencies and Insurance Companies.”  You will not be able to view Managing General Agents, Managing General Agencies or Wholesale Insurance Companies or this staff one the site goes live.


Your options are to subscribe to one or both of the following subscriptions.  Professional view/search and / or Business listing. Read the entire page please.

Professional Viewing Access – AGENTS, BROKERS, MGAs & COMPANIES


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  • Professional Viewing Access (14 day free trial)Professional Access” will allow you viewing of all listing types and there is a monthly member subscription fee of $16.99/mo.  This is the minimum basic entry level and it allows for one user.
  • Additional users can be added according to the following table:

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100% Satisfaction guaranteed within the first 30 days or your money back. 

This Professional Viewing Access subscription.  Business listings are optional. See pricing below.

Professional Directory Listing

Professional Directory Listing – (14 day free trial) It is highly recommended to subscribe to the Professional Viewing Access first.  Why?  Professional Viewing Access will allow you to view all other listings and search all categories. It is not required but highly recommended.

This Professional Directory is a subscription and you must be a licensed professional or licensed insurance company or authorized representative to join. All subscriptions are manually approved.

$29.99/monthly for the Parent listing / $23.99 for each franchise/added office location

$287.88/year for the Parent listing / $229.99/yr for each franchise / added office location

See Franchise listing information here.

Refunds and price adjustments for listings

If you cancel the annual subscription the subscription will revert to a monthly listing “back to inception” and calculated on the monthly basis.

Businesses For Sale

Agencies and Insurance Companies For Sale – ( NO trial period) Monthly subscription price is the only plan offered. You may cancel at any time.  This is a stand alone option for any individual or entity wanting to advertise the sale of an insurance agency or insurance company.  You do not need to purchase the “Professional Access” to list a business for sale. The only option available is the monthly subscription fee as is displayed above to other business listings.


Front page banner advertising – $399.00/month recurring until canceled.  Limit 5 Banners.

Banner sizes are in pixels. Dimensions 400px wide x 300px height.

To upload and subscribe to become a sponsor click here.

*Advertising Banner Pricing

This area is under construction

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All Banner Ads are geolocated.  

“State by State” Rates are based upon a per 100,000 population basis. Rate per 100,000 x $2.50. 

“Cites Rate” sare “flat rated by tiers of allowed ads regardless of size of the Cities’ population.” City rates are tiered, Up to 10, Up to 20 and so on. There is no discount on the number of Cities or the tier you choose.  Any part of a month subscribed to is fully earned.  


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ll advertising, including any links must be pre-approved.  The approval process will begin one have completed the following:

  1. Registered
  2. Submitted and paid for your ad. (any ads that rejected in the review process will cause the following to happen.  First we will call and or email you to modify the ad artwork or to remove or change the url. It is highly unlikely this will occur. But if it does, we will refund 100% of the cost of your add.
  3. Artwork and graphics are 100% your responsibility. If you require “cropping” and banner add placement we can assist at $75.00 per banner placement
  4. Custom access. We are working to allow advertisers custom access to place their own ads in the States and Cities of their choosing.
  5. Artwork dimensions and quality.  Your artwork must meed the following dimensions