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What is the average day like for the underwriters, managers and support staff of a Managing General Agency?

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Who does the marketing at your Agency? Chances are there is a full time person or some or each underwriter has to take the time to send promotional items to the Retail Agents on a periodic basis. How does this work for you?

How many phone, faxes and emails do you get daily asking “Do you write this? Or, “Do you have a market that will write this?”  Ah yes! The Who Writes What syndrome that Retail Agents and Brokers experience every day.  Even Managing General Agent underwriters trying to help the retail side struggle with this.  After all, how does it make the underwriter feel when he says no market.

When the essence of time to value squeezes even the most dedicated have to know when to say ” I do not have enough time to find who writes that line of business!”

Would it not be nice to have all your staff listed where only the retail agents and brokers, other MGA’s and Wholesales see what it is that you offer?

Would it not be nice to have a “Target Class” page that allowed you to modify it as needed.

Would it not be super nice to have a library of “supplemental forms” right next to the “Underwriter” that handles that line of business write next to their Staff Directory information?

How do you get started?  There are several features that are optional to this site.  Please see the pricing page for up to date details.


Everything we do in the insurance business can relate back to production! The emphasis on Marketing is to produce more attention from the retail broker in sharing information about who writes what?

But then what happens? Now you have the retail agents attention. What happens next?

Chances are the retail agent reaches out to begin asking questions regarding a certain type of insurance. This leads to the request for an accord.  Then, the underwriter sends the agent a supplement.  The retail agent completes the supplement. Wait! Who do I send this to?

This leads to a phone call.  The receptionist spends her time to transfer or research “who writes what?” Then, the agent is transferred and get a voice mail. The agent leaves a voice mail and eventually gets a call or an email with the supplement.

What if the agent searched for your agency and viewed the staff. Filtering the staff by what type of service or underwriting they did? hmmm and on top of that, once they found the correct underwriter seen their contact information. Event better yet, next to the underwriters profile seen a list of supplemental applications?  That would be too easy right?


Time is money.  Being efficient saves time.  Thus, it saves money.

You do not have to be Powerful if the speed can deliver the first punch and walk away with the prize! When the Consumer Insurance Shopper is searching for insurance quotes it is the Agent that can deliver the first quote that gains their attention. Not always but most of the time.

In contrast, the Agent that is still searching for a market for days is still sitting in the locker room waiting or just leaving the contest for the client’s business.

WhoWritesWhat.com  Features

This site will be brand new to launch as soon as practical.  The pricing is going to change upward. This is a sure thing.  But for the early birds the prices are listed here

First, the basic, pay to view feature is just that.  For the agencies that just want to know Who Writes What there is a small monthly fee.  The “number” of users / employees the Agent, Agency or Company has, will increase the price depending on how many employees you want to access the system.  The basic subscription will automatically include a certain number of employee users (see pricing)

Business Listing for the Parent Headquarters – The Headquarters should always be the first to list their office because this will allow the headquarters the opportunity select a “franchise” office listing.

What we mean by the “franchise office” is that other sub-office locations can be added by the headquarter offices at a discount.  The prices for both the main headquarter office and sub-offices are discounted if paid annually.  In addition the sub-office locations receive and additional discount.

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