Subscribing to as a Professional

11/16/2019 – note to all.  Some areas of the site are “open” to all during the development stage. We will be “closing” off the viewing of MGA’s and Wholesalers to the general public/ guests, very soon. For the consumer/guest that are wondering why?  MGA’s and Wholesale insurance carriers, generally speaking, only work with Retail Agents. Thus, when you search for insurance the experience will be accurate.

Your options are:

A. Viewing all business listings. The business listing are divided into the following “Types.”  You may view and search to your heart’s content!

    1. Retail Insurance Agents and Brokers
    2. Retail Insurance Companies
    3. Managing General Agents, Agencies (Program Managers fall under this category)
    4. Wholesale Insurance Companies (generally this category work primarily with MGA’s and Program Managers)
    5. The consumer, non-professionals are excluded from viewing MGA’s and Wholesale Carrier or their staff

A1. Probably the most valuable item for Retail Agents and Brokers is the ability to find a market, the underwriter and the application or application supplement. The “Basic” registration is fee based on a monthly basis and comes with extra users included.  The basic package will come with 2 users. (See pricing)

The fees for using this feature will vary depending on the number of additional users you request.  Thus, the basic begins with two users.  For details on cost please click here.

A2. After you find the Business listing you are seeking that writes the “category or type” of insurance you are looking for, accessing the proper form(s) is vital. As you all know there is no one form for all lines of insurance and specialty insurance.  Hopefully you have your own Acords library of form with you Agency Management System.  Acord form will not be part of what we supply for you.  If the MGA or Wholesaler has a .pdf or .docx they wish to provide or upload near the Staff Directory Member it will be up to them to do so.

After you find the business, search for the Staff member and use the “filters” located in the staff member directory to locate the “Underwriter” and presto! If the business has chosen, at their option, to load in supplemental form, they will be listed there.  The same applies to locating the underwriters contact information.

B. Business Listing Primary Headquarters.  Subscribing to get your business listed is optional but highly recommended.  Depending on your type of listing, letting other know what service you provide and which market categories you have to offer are key to having others find you.  We have set up “Demo” listing for you to view.  The Demo Listings are: (please keep in mind this, the Managing General Agents(ies) and Wholesale Insurance Company(ies) will not be visible to the guest or consumers in the near future.  The privilege and efficiencies for searching for those types will be limited to other professionals such as Retail Agents, Brokers and Insurance Companies)

    1. Demo Retail Agent Broker
    2. Demo Retail Insurance Company
    3. Demo Managing General Agent / Program Manager
    4. Demo Wholesale Insurance Company












Optional Set up Services

Need help putting it all together? We can help.