Insurance Shopper! Welcome one and All!

Dear shopper. please help us monitor our site. Because we allow the businesses to select the categories of “insurance-types” on the ‘honor system’, we are trusting they will not abuse their use of this site.  We cannot monitor every business listing for their accuracy in reporting the types of insurance they report to offer So, when you shop and make contact with the business and they DO NOT offer the type of services they advertise, we want you to report them to us.  Click here. Thank you.

Weather you are a homeowner or business owner, shopping for insurance can be a real chore!

Finding insurance can take you on a journey that is not so enjoyable.  For instance, type in some keyword in your favorite search browser such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and see what happens!

Here is a test, type in the following “keywords” into your favorite browser and test the accuracy of the “initial” results.  Use these keywords in exactly this fashion.  ” California Farm Insurance” and view the results.  Test the first four items in the list and ask them if they insure or quote equine or cattle ranches.

Homeowners and Business Owners

Making the best use of your time is our goal on  This site is designed to keep you away from Insurance Companies and Agents that only work with the Store Front Agents and Brokers.  Thus, saving you time and frustration.

Making use of search “filters” that are in normal “American English” terms and not all insurance jargon is another feature made for you.

Thus you can use exact search terms of lay person’s term and you should be able to find what you need in a location you want to receive it

Our search “distance is set to 6,000 miles.  Why? Today, walking into an agents office is no longer a limitation. If you are seeing this page, chances are the agent can use an electronic signature services such as and make payment arrangements.

Today, the concern about the internet and purchasing insurance is buyer beware!  Make sure you check on the insurance carrier’s ratings by going to AM Best and your State’s Department of insurance.  Most agent or brokers should be able to provide you with the insurance carrier’s information provided by AM Best.  Just to clarify, you can check on the “insurance carrier” with AM Best and check on the agent with the State Department of Insurance for your State or the State in which the agent or broker are licensed.  We do not investigate insurance companies, agents, brokers or managing general agencies for any complaints or violations.

We here at require that all Business listings such as Insurance Agents, Brokers and Companies, provide us with a copy of their license. We will also verify the initial license status with the State Department of Insurance.

Try a few searches just for the fun of it. During our Beta Testing we will alert you to “DEMO” listing which indicate they are not actual listing. Do not attempt to contact the DEMO listing please.

If you run into any listing that do not sell or service the types of insurance they say they do please contact us and let us know.