Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Insurance is available for nearly all sizes and types of businesses.

Business Owners

Business owners need insurance for a variety of reasons.  The most common are general liability and property coverage.

General liability may cover such items as Bodily Injury to others, property damage to others, medical and completed operations.

But what does all this mean? These terms have special meanings and thus the need to consult with professionals.

What really needs to happen for many is to have your businesses risk evaluated. This is done through an insurance review fact finder with your broker or agent.

Please understand that General Liability and Property coverage may not be all that you want or need!

For corporations, it may be the need for Directors and Officers coverage.

A business may also need employee benefits such as group health, group life and even a pension program.

Depending on the type of insurance business,  income protection may be necessary or desired. This particular type of coverage is referred to an “business interruption” coverage.

Business policies often come with a “package” of coverage but not always.

Many business owner policies also allow for coverages to be added by endorsement. (A written change request)

Other insurance types that may be need are workers compensation, business auto and others depending on your type of business.

So, after reading this do you feel comfortable buying your business insurance through an online rating engine?

Make the wise choice and have peace of mind. Never discount the experienced and professional agent or broker.

Insurance Brokers & Agents

Time! What is your time worth? For the captive agent the number of insurance products that you are “allowed” to offer may be vast but limited to one particular company.

There may be an occasion where you wish you could assist a valued client but you just do not have that particular kind of insurance product and you certainly cannot take days to find it?

Referring a client to a Google link may be a problem too.  It could be a reflection on you if you are off base.

What if you could find the right agent, company or broker within minutes?

Such a targeted referral could earn you brownie pointes in the future.

Now, what about the independent agents and brokers? How much is your time worth?

Do you remember searching the internet, making calls and missing the target over and over again?

When you work on commission and results, your prospect or client does not have days in many cases.

The prospect or client has taken the time to call you! After all you are the independent agent that writes with all the insurance carriers! Right? “Wink wink”

When insurance shopper take time out of their busy schedule to find insurance they do not want to time repeatedly to find what they are searching for and neither do you? will do it’s very best to put you in contact with the Managing General Agents, Insurance Companies and Underwriters that handle the kind of insurance product you are looking for.

And, if they have done their part, you will know exactly which underwriter to contact.

Finally, we hope to have a forms solution for each and every company and product. What? That is correct. No promises! But we hope to implement various forms of .pdf and .docx web forms for your use that are specific to each carrier. More to follow… Note! This is not a part of or a promise to provide such solution at current subscription prices. Sign up for the news letter for more information.

Managing General Agencies

Ok you underwriters! I wish I could take a poll on how many calls and email you “field” each day where the agents are asking “Do you write this kind of insurance?  And then, by the way, can you send me an application for that too?

How much time is spent on those two items alone? How much is your Agency paying you? is here to assist.

Oh, did I forget a question?  Who do I contact that would handle this type of insurance in your agency.

We have a Staffing Directory at your finger tips!

Do you have multiple offices? No problem.  Additional locations can be added at your will.  The Parent office must subscribe fist and tick the check box that reads “Franchise”


Insurance Companies

We know that insurance companies deal with tech and web on a daily basis. Sometimes the weight of keeping up with it all is daunting and very costly.

Directing people to the correct office and underwriter or other experts in you office can be a challenge. Time is money.

So, weather you have 5 agents or 5,000 agents multiple agent offices can be added under the parent headquarters office at a significant discount as “franchised” locations.

We consider a “franchised” location to be one associated with the parent company by contract.

An important note regarding multiple office locations.  One party is responsible for all payments to  It is the parent company that will be responsible for collecting monies from the sub agent offices.

Maybe it is a perk1 It’s up to you.

The staff directory is independent for each office location.