Please read carefully before reporting abuse

Intentional and False Advertising is “abuse” of our site.

It is important to know what is abuse of “our” site.

First, there is the abuse of using “categories and tags” of types of insurance that are not offered by the business directory subscriber to simply lead you to their listing.  Your time is valuable and if one of our subscribers is tricking you into contacting them for a particular type of insurance when in fact they to not offer it, that is abuse.  For example, a category name “Farm”.  If you are searching category “farm” and come upon and agent who advertises they write Farm and you discover they to not offer farm insurance.  Let us know.  This is an abuse of our site.

When will we penalize the Agent or Company

In the example above, if the agent or company does not provide that type of insurance and has intentionally included the “farm” category we will investigate and suspend the account, at our determination, the listing.

When we will not penalize the Agent or Company

If the agent or company does offer “Farm” insurance but dowa not have the time or you do not qualify, we will not suspend the account.

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