About S Valencia International & WhoWritesWhat.com

S Valencia International
205 Court Street
Jackson CA 95642

S Valencia International was founded in 2006 by Steve Valencia.  Steve is the Master Web Developer, Project Manager and Owner/Broker of Athena Insurance and Financial Services (Founded 1996).

Steves’ experience in the Web Development started in 2006. His endeavor to learn how to design and program his personal and business web sites grew out of necessity after many unsuccessful investments in hiring others.

Today he uses WordPress plugns and top of the line Managed Web Hosting Services.

Steve began his career and a field agent with the Prudential Insurance Company of American in 1980.  Today, Steve is the owner and Broker for Athena Insurance and Financial Services.

As an independent Insurance broker he seen early on the necessity for WhoWritesWhat.com as a valuable tool for creating a library of sorts of Insurance Types, MGA’s, Underwrites and Forms.

What prompted this endeavor was the hiring of new staff to “help” him produce new business and re-market existing policies.  As he hired new personnel he found himself putting in extra hours to accomplish his own insurance production due to his staff continually coming to him asking him “Who writes this kind of insurance?  Do you know the name of who I am to contact? Do you know where I can find the specific questionnaire or application?

Significant time was being wasted answering questions such those mentioned throughout the day.

Time is one of “the” most valuable things in life that you cannot make up.  And, if you are wasting time, Steve says, you are bleeding out opportunities to make money or to spend time with family and friends.  It is counter productive he says, to hire new people if you spend most of the day directing them on “who writes what?”

Searching for quotes

Who shops for insurance? Homeowners, the everyday consumers, businesses and other retail agents and brokers.  What is your time worth? Seriously, write down on a piece of paper how much your time is worth! Now, toss in how much frustration have in taking the time to search, Add in “opportunity cost” and presto…  The solution is WhoWritesWhat.com!

So let’s make life easier.  Register on WhoWritesWhat.com today. It’s Free!