About Who Writes What?

We are S Valencia International, a California based Proprietorship.

S Valencia International
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S Valencia International was founded in 2006 by Steve Valencia.  Steve is the Master Web Developer and project manager.

Steves’ experience in the Web Development started in 1996 but his experience in web is not his main stay.  His main stay and his core business is that of an Insurance Broker.

Steve began his career and a field agent with the Prudential Insurance Company of American in 1980.  Fast forward to the founding of his insurance brokerage, Athena Insurance and Financial Services. Founded 1996.

As an independent Insurance broker he seen early on the necessity for Who Writes What?  What prompted this endeavor was the hiring of new staff to “help” him produce new business and re-market existing As he hired new personnel he found himself putting in extra hours to accomplish his own insurance production.

Time was being wasted answering questions such as; “You have a new prospect that wants “kind of insurance” and I do not know who to contact or what questions to answer.

Time is one of “the” most valuable things in life that you cannot make up.  And, if you are wasting time, Steve says, you are bleeding out opportunities to make money.  It is counter productive he says, to hire new people if you spend most of the day directing them on “who writes what?”

Switching subjects slightly, his concept is to focus on what matters.  Saving time and money.

Read on…

Insurance Shopper

Who shops for insurance? Homeowner, the everyday consumer, business owners and other retail agents and brokers.  What is your time worth? Seriously, write down on a piece of paper how much your time is worth!

Now, toss in how much your frustration is worth, or rather how much you would pay to not get frustrated when shopping for insurance and add in “opportunity cost.”

For business owners and other  professionals the search for Who Writes What? can be costly. Why? Because time is money. Some people have made the comments that they searched for certain types of insurance for days and weeks to finally find a broker who writes “that certain” type of insurance.

They commented that they call some of the well known Retail Insurance Companies and Retail Insurance Broker & Agents and spend a great deal of time to “not find” what they are looking for. And, this is by no way those Companies or Agents fault.

Captive Agent, Independent Agents and Insurance Carriers often try to refer callers to agents by trying to do an internet search for them out of courtesy and end up tarnishing the good deed because the hand off to some “link” is totally wrong!  No good deed goes unpunished right ?

So let’s make life easier.  Register on WhoWritesWhat.com today. It’s Free!  The business listing are not free.  See Pricing for Parent offices and Sub-offices. 

Insurance Finder

Finding Insurance of any category has never been easier! Try a search.  Type in the name of a company or the type of insurance using the “Search” menu.  Psst! If you do not find the category have us ad it here.

Insurance Agent Finder

As of 10/28/2019 the search by “Agent Name” is not available. Instead type in the name of the agent’s business and search the staff directory.

Insurance Broker Finder

Many times an Agent may not have access to certain types of insurance. This is the time where your Agent or Broker may appreciate being able to refer you to a broker that can help.

At this time, search for the name of the business and view the staff directory.

To search for the “type of insurance” you are looking for use the Search Menu bar.

Managing General Agent Finder

The search for managing general agents is a permissions based function for the site. In order to view MGA’s you must be registered and in the profession.

All professionals must hold a valid license and be pre-approved by our administrator.

The public will not be able to view Managing General Agencies once the site goes live.

The reason for this is, ‘managing general agencies’ do not work directly with the public in most cases.

For the Managing General Agencies that do, if you decide to go retail you would need to have a Retail listing.

Thus, if you have both a retail and wholesale business you would need to have to different profile listings.  One for retail and one for wholesale.

Insurance Company Finder

Search for Retail or Wholesale Insurance Companies. The Retail Insurance Carrier are visible to “everyone.”

The Wholesale Insurance Carriers are only visible to subscribed and listed professionals and not the public.

If you are the consumer reading this,  you may be winding why? The reason, in part, is that the carrier chooses to distribute and manage it’s insurance through a program manager.  Managing General Agents are the program Mangers and work through contracted Agents an Brokers to offer the insurance programs to you.

For the Insurance Companies with hundreds or even thousands of personnel, the “franchise office” listings and the Staff Directory feature may be of great value to you.

If you need to speak with our marketing team we are happy to help. Our team can discuss and demonstrate the features but are not able to discuss “how we developed this site, the software or programming.”

Our site is backed up daily, weekly and monthly.  We have 99% uptime and will soon have a failover redundancy program in place.

Insurance Expert Staff Directory

With the insurance expert staff directory, the primary business listing will have full control over adding your experts  The visibility of the staff will function differently depending on if you are a retail or wholesale business and have a paid subscription.

For the Retail Agents and Insurance Companies, the Staff Directory will visible to all.  (If  you want to subscribe as a wholesaler or mega, the staff directory will only be visible to agents, brokers, mga’s and wholesalers. The public will not see the staff directory)

Google Analytics

Work it! Once you subscribe and create your business listing…work it! Create links to your listing from everywhere you can think of.

When you login to your listing, “your” business listing analytics will become visible next to your listing on the right-hand side of the page. This feature is supplied with all paid subscription listings on WhoWritesWhat.com

The Google Analytics are not visible to others such as the public or even other business listings

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a science.  To optimize this site for every  insurance category comes at a great price in terms of time and money.

This site is targeting the States, Cities, Counties and Town within the United States.

Your business listing, may also be submitted to the Google and Bing to optimize the listing even further.


Advertising is a win-win!  Advertising dollars help to pay for the sites improvements, search engine optimization, server management, security and more.

Advertisers must either be advertising insurance or insurance related products and services.

As an example, of Progressive wants to adversity on of its’ insurance products, such as Motorcycle Insurance, we consider this permissible.

If an independent insurance claims adjustment form wants to advertise, we consider this acceptable.

If, some consumer wants to advertise a garage sale, this is not permissible.

To learn more about advertising on WhoWritesWhat.com visit the Advertising Page.